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Over 57 years of experience

In 1945 Duane H. Linford began building windows and other glass products in a small shed in the back of his grandfather's home in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the years following, Duane gradually acquired the help of his four brothers as Utah's demands for the Linford brother's top quality glass increased. The Linford Brothers were dedicated to hard work and exceptional customer service

Today the same values still guide the Linford Brothers Glass Co., now run by Duane's sons Paul, Ray and Mac. Linford Bros. Glass Co. now sits on over 8 acres and has developed over 150,000 square feet of window production and manufacturing facilities. Linford's production and its 200 Salt Lake employees have been great contributors to the Utah economy for over half a century. In 2003 Linford's won the Best of State award in the Merchandising: Glass: Plate and Window category.

Whether your project is your first home or your dream home we can help. Our residential windows are only one of our many products. We also specialize in entry doors, shower doors, mirrors and patio doors.

Vinyl windows have become one of the best values in home construction today. They are extremely durable, maintenance free and are available in most shapes and sizes. Linford Brothers produces vinyl windows with a wide selection of options and in many different price ranges. In 1992 Linford's designed our first vinyl replacement windows, the 2000 Series window.

  • The Linford 1000 series offers the latest in window technology. Adjustable self-contained ball bearing rollers ensure smooth window operation. Positive action auto-locking latches are ergonomic, convenient, and secure. The Linford 1000 series auto-locking latch will give you peace of mind, its energy efficiency will save you money, and most importantly the Linford 1000 series will bring years of comfort to your home.

  • The 2000 series window is an attractive and affordable window, which is the same quality of window used in over 70% of new construction in the West today.

  • Linford's most recent development is the basement series windows. We have several different options to allow for a wide range of construction techniques.

  • The 6000 Casement series window is made from the most expensive and top-of-the-line hardware available and yet is still delivered to the customer at Linford's competitive prices.

  • The 8000 series "Millennium" window is designed primarily for upper-end homes and is one of the finest quality and best looking windows of its price range in the U.S.

Linford Brothers is excited by the growth that we have seen in the last several years. Linford's has spent millions of dollars upgrading our plants and making them the most efficient and well-operated plants in the U.S. Linford's commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction, will allow us to continue offering the finest quality products at the most reasonable prices available.

Commercial Division:

We also specialize in Commercial applications. Our commercial fab shop can fabricate custom products for any commercial application. Project size is not important, no job is to large or small. We have successfully been a part of small restuarants and retail projects, to large conference centers and high rise buildings. We specalize in bringing your ideas to reality.

Commercial Products Division

The Commercial Products Division specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of products, which include:

  • Aluminum Storefront and Entrance Systems

  • Aluminum Curtain Walls

  • Structural Glass Walls

  • Aluminum Composite Panel Systems

  • Unitized Building Systems

Linford Brothers designs many of the systems we provide, incorporating the latest innovation, testing and engineering techniques. In addition, we work closely with other suppliers of fenestration products and services. This lets us to provide the best products which to meet the design, aesthetic and value requirements of each specific project.

Linford Brothers is the only manufacturer of complete Aluminum Composite Panel Systems in the State of Utah. We provide a selection of attachment systems which incorporate the Reynobond® Composite panels. In addition, we are the only regional supplier which provides installation of their system. Linford Brothers also is a certified supplier and installer of Pilkington® Structural Glass Wall systems.

Our custom designed systems have contributed to many nationally recognized projects including:

  • LDS Conference Center - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Deseret News Corporate Headquarters - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Val A. Browning Performing Arts Center - Ogden, UT

  • The IHC Regional Medical Centers - Ogden, UT & Provo, UT

  • Saint Patrick Hospital ASB - Missoula, MT


Window Sizes: All window products manufactured by Linford Brothers Glass are manufactured to call out size. Example: A 4040 window measures 48" x 48" the Rough Opening should be ½" larger in width and 3/8" larger in height.

Installation: All vinyl window products are to be installed sitting directly on the sill. The windows should be installed level and square. Sealant should be applied to the nail fin prior to being attached to the exterior of the wall surface. The head fin cannot be nailed. Nailing the head of the window through the fin voids any and all warranty. If support or attachment of the window head is required, place a nail above the nail fin and bend it over into the fin, thus allowing the header to lower without compressing the window in the center. The header will bend down or straighten as other building materials are applied to the structure. Flash over perimeter of nail fin and caulk, in accordance with building codes and good construction practices.

Glass: The glass can be cleaned with any cleaning product specifically designed and formulated for the cleaning of glass.
Frames: Vinyl products can be cleaned with a name brand product called Soft Scrub, this product also comes with a bleach additive. The product with bleach cleans the best, but be careful of fabrics and other materials that can be affected by bleach.
Lubrication: The frame should be cleaned periodically, especially the sill. A name brand product called Armor-All can be used to lubricate the frame. This product works exceptionally well in the lubrication of vinyl materials.

Visual Water: Any operating window, either horizontal slider or single hung (vertical sliding), will leak air and water. This leaking process is called air and water infiltration. This factor is part of the overall testing methods of all window products. Most, if not all, windows are tested using special processes so that the performance can be published. All Linford Brothers Glass window products are tested by independent testing facilities with the results available upon request. Water infiltration is more visible in a horizontal sliding window, due to one half of the window moving to one side or the other on top of a track. Windows are constructed with weep holes allowing any internal water to weep to the exterior of the home. Single Hung windows also allow water infiltration, however, the sliding section of the window covers the entire sill when closed thus covering any water that may infiltrate the window. Depending on weather conditions it is normal to see water in the sill section of window products. The snap-in replaceable track is cut so that approximately ¼" is left open at each end. This gap is the weep system for the water infiltration. The water will flow to the ends of the track and then drain out of weep holes on the exterior of the window. If you have any questions about this information or any other matter regarding Linford Brothers Glass window products, call your dealer or Linford Brothers Glass.