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Florida Extruders International, Inc.,
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Florida Extruders International, Inc., headquartered in Sanford, Fl, was formed in 1989 and is a low cost, vertically integrated, aluminum extruder, window, sliding glass door, and patio screen door manaufacturer, and building products distributor.

Florida Extruders International, Inc., headquartered in Sanford, FL. was formed in 1989 and is a low cost, vertically integrated aluminum extruder, replacement windows, sliding glass door, and patio screen door manufacturer, and building products distributor. Capabilities include remelting aluminum and casting billet, aluminum extruding, powder coat finishing, fabricating, and assembling. We operate three extrusion presses with an annual capacity approximating 50,000,000 pounds, employ 700, and have 650,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities. The company was recognized in Florida Trend magazine as one of the Top 200 privately held companies in the state.

Quality windows, sliding glass doors, and patio screen doors that are produced by FEI are marketed under the trade name Milestone®. FEI is the fastest growing and one of the largest and leading Florida manufacturers of fenestration products. The company was ranked in Window & Door magazine as one of the Top 100 North American Window and Door Manufacturers.

Florida Extruders International, Inc. is a vertically integrated, low cost domestic aluminum billet producer, aluminum extruder, fabricator, powder coat finisher, aluminum and vinyl window and door manufacturer, and building products distributor. The company is headquartered in Sanford, FL. and has regional distribution centers throughout Florida.

Competitive Advantage


Our unique manufacturing integration and marketing philosophy has led us from virtual obscurity to being a dominant supplier to its niche markets. For example, the patio and pool enclosure industry historically was serviced by stocking distributors who purchased material from traditional aluminum extruders. Although the market was not clamoring for another supplier, by reducing the historical supply chain and establishing ourselves as a legitimate mill direct distributor, we filled a supply void in a mature market. Specialty contractors that erect enclosures have benefited from our low-cost position, ability to control the quality of the products we sell, capacity to maintain inventory levels in our warehouses by not depending on outside sources of supply, and the utilization of strategically located regional distribution centers to best service their daily requirements.

Regarding the Milestone® business, no other window and door manufacturer located in Florida has a comparable level of advanced manufacturing, design engineering, and professional engineering integration. Most of them only assemble these products. Our competitive advantage is a direct result of (1) the capability to produce and assure the quality of our own precision tolerance extrusions (2) our commitment to cutting edge, cost effective fabrication, assembly, finishing, and packaging technology (3) innovative product engineering with designs that set the standard for performance, ease of installation and operation, and appearance (4) an exclusive durable powder coated finish and (5) marketing through a network of authorized installing Milestone® dealers that offer the best value.


  • Custom Aluminum Extrusions

  • Patio Enclosure, Pool Enclosure, Fencing, Railing, and Shutter Extrusions

  • Standard Industrial Shapes including Angles, Beams, Channels, Bar, Pipe and Tube

  • Screening, Roof Panels, Fasteners, Sealants, and other Building Materials

  • Patented Aluminum Framing Components and Component Systems for Pool, Patio, and Glass Enclosures

  • Blank and Prehung Patio Screen Doors

  • Milestone® Aluminum Framed, Single Glazed and Insulated Glass, Commercial and Residential Rated Single Hung Windows, Horizontal Rolling Windows, Picture Windows, and Designer Windows

  • Milestone® Vinyl Frame, Insulated Glass Single Hung Windows, Casement Windows, Horizontal Rolling Windows, Picture Windows, and Designer Windows

  • Milestone® Aluminum and Vinyl Framed Windows with Impact-Resistant Laminated Safety Glass

  • Milestone® By-Pass and Pocket Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors


  • Aluminum Remelting and Billet Casting

  • Extrude 6005, 6063, and 6061 Alloys In Various Tempers

  • Extrude Intricate Cross Sections To Precision Tolerances

  • Apply Exceptional Powder Coated Finish On Environmentally-Safe, High Speed Electrostatic Paint Line With In-Line Pretreatment System

  • Fabrication including Cutting to Length, Drilling, Punching, Notching, Shearing, Bending, and Assembly

  • Manufacture Insulated Glass and Impact-Resistant Laminated Safety Glass

  • Quality Assurance Includes Optical Instrumentation For Precision Extrusion Dimensional Control, Testing To Ensure Integrity of Surface Finish, and Test Facility for Milestone® windows to Analyze Structural, Air, Water and Forced Entry Properties

  • Automated In-Line Stretch Wrapping System and Master Bundling

  • Inventory Control Management Programs

  • Truck Fleet To Meet Any Delivery Requirement

  • Exporting



    The primary strength of Florida Extruders lies in its high level of extremely experienced managers who have without exception spent their entire careers in the technical, production, and sales areas of the products that we manufacture. This high level of technical talent has enabled the company to become very integrated from melting metal in its own foundry to performing all fabrication activities for the products it sells.

    Further, this skill manifests itself in other areas as well. We perform all maintenance on our vast truck fleet and we make much of our tooling and process machines in our own tool and die shop. We also build some of our own electrical control panels and we fabricate all sorts of equipment components, material handling devices, and support equipment for our own use.

    We recognize those employees who contribute to our overall success by the establishment of high wage rates, discretionary bonuses, and a 401(k) plan, along with other fringe benefits. Since it is difficult to hire new experienced people in our specialized industry, we place significant emphasis upon employee training.

    We work in a “family” type environment and pay special attention to our employees’ personal problems and offer them all kinds of assistance when appropriate. Everything possible is done by us to motivate and keep good employees. We could not have built our company in Central Florida with its historical low unemployment rate by doing otherwise.

    Our never-ending commitment to our customers is to be a low cost supplier and the best in the business. Accordingly, we value our employees, trade partners, and customers and recognize their contribution in making FEI a leader in the markets in which we sell.

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